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Top 10 Must-Have Features for Today’s Homes


Custom feature exterior in Winding Creek by Design Homes.

Most home buyers today will come with a list of must-have features for their new home. Whether they’re looking for a pre-owned home with these features or looking to build a custom home, we’ve seen a trend in what these specific must-have features are. We always try to accommodate this list, and make note of the features are most commonly requested. So what exactly are the most common must-have features we here when a client is looking to build a custom home or buy a custom home?


1. Open concept floor plan – Buyers, today, insist on an open and spacious layout with high ceilings. Open floor plans provide a more efficient place for entertaining and parents to keep an eye on their children when they’re preparing for dinner.

A must have feature, open floor concept, by Design Homes.


A must have feature, command center, by Design Homes.


2. Command Centers and Mud Rooms – Command centers in your Mud Hall definitely make family organization a priority. It allows you to keep important notes, calendars, and electronic devices handy for when you’re about to head out for the day, and provides a space for your dirty shoes and coats instead of dragging the items across your clean kitchen floors. So when you’re headed out for the day, you can check on important tasks for the day while grabbing your coat.



3. High ceilings (9’ or higher) – For many looking to build or buy a new home, a high ceiling is on their “want” list. When going from an 8’ ceiling to a 9’ ceiling, the room definitely feels a lot bigger and you gain a sense of freedom. With higher ceilings, comes larger windows, which allows more natural light to come into your home. There’s no question as to why this is a must-have feature to our homebuyers.


4. Beams and Coffered Ceilings – With the higher ceilings, comes a more detailed ceiling. Our clients love our coffered and beamed ceilings, and when they choose to go with a higher ceiling, they choose to add some details to that ceiling. Coffered and beamed ceilings definitely provide that “WOW” factor to any room and you’re sure to please any guests you have over.

A must have feature, ceiling types, by Design Homes.


5. Spa Bathrooms – No longer will a simple shower and bathtub suffice for a master suite. Today home buyers are looking for a bathroom that allows them to get away from the day’s stresses. Think a jetted tub and a walk-in tile shower with multiple nozzles. Home buyers are seeking a master bathroom that allows them to relax and enjoy a hot, steamy shower.





6. Large walk-in tile showers in the Master Suites – This goes hand-in-hand with the spa bathroom feature. Large walk-in tile showers with multiple nozzles are very important for some homebuyers. These large walk-in tile showers are a way to unwind after a very long day.





7. Large-open kitchens with large island spaces – Just like an open-concept is important to entertaining, a large kitchen with ample island space is just as important. A kitchen has become one of the most important spaces in any home buyers mind. They want the stainless steel appliances, they want the gas cooktop, and they want plenty of room for food preparation.A must have feature, large kitchen, by Design Homes.


8. High-efficiency furnaces and water heaters – Saving money is always a plus, and having high-efficiency furnaces and water heaters is a good place to start if looking to save that extra penny. This has been a huge request from our buyers, and we’ve made a point to include this aspect as a standard.


9. Outdoor living spaces – A simple backyard doesn’t cut it anymore for today’s home buyers. Today buyers envision an “outdoor room” with outdoor seating, beautifully landscaped decks or stone patios, and sometimes outdoor kitchens with refrigerators.


10. Gamerooms on the second floor – This is a great feature for any family with children. Having a second floor gameroom allows a great space for your children’s toys, entertainment, and books.