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Seven Steps for Creating Your New Home


Creating a new home is an incredible journey that can be fun and exciting for your family.

Custom, new home in Soraya Farms by Design Homes.

Creating a new home is a journey. Imagine for a second, you’re considering a vacation with the family, to an island resort. You’ve never done anything quite like this before. You have, however, done smaller vacations along the coast, but you usually had an idea what to expect, based on some research. However, going to an island resort is something completely new you for you. Before deciding to go, you probably researched different activities that your family might enjoy, different attractions, different accommodations, different ways to travel there and get around. In other words, a bunch of planning, decision making, budgeting, and goal setting was done. So what does this have to do with home building and creating a new home? Much like planning for a vacation, planning for a new home is kind of the same. You need to create a plan of attack to discover what your end goal is, how much you can afford to put into this new home, find out where you’re going to build, and make decisions about everything that’s going into your new home. Building a new home is a lot more than just deciding how many bedrooms you want or how many bathrooms you need to function; it’s about discovering who you are and what you want. It can be an incredibly exciting, and fun, process when things go smoothly. To ensure you have the best journey, we’ve set out 7 different steps to consider before you begin building your new home.

  1. Set goals – Before even starting the process, you need to ask yourself what you want to achieve, where you want to be, and does plan A make sense or does plan B make sense? Goal setting needs to satisfy both left and right sides of the brain (practical and emotional).
  2. Establish a budget – Creating a budget for your new home is huge. You need to begin with what you can afford and as you continue with the budget, determine if the costs you create fit in your overall future plans. In this budget, include cost of land, local fees and taxes, design and engineering fees, construction of home, and furniture.
  3. Find some land – Find a realistic piece of land that you can claim as your own, and will be happy with years after. Don’t just settle on a piece of land that you hate just because it’s the cheapest there is.
  4. Assemble a team – Hiring a team of professionals is a critical step when building your new home. Hiring a quality builder will allow the whole process to go as smooth as possible. They are professionals, and are there to help solve any problems that arise. Better yet, hire a builder with a drawer and interior designer, and that builder becomes a one-stop shop when it comes to building your new home.
  5. Plan the project in detail before starting to build – It’s important not to settle of little details in your home. If you’re not happy where your tub is sitting in the master bathroom, speak up, and discuss the different options that are available to help satisfy the look and flow you’re going for. Moving a tub on paper is much easier than moving a tub when it’s already been placed with plumbing. You should also go big with ideas. It’s your home, and you’ve probably created multiple Pinterest boards for every room of your new home. Why not try them out in the planning phase?
  6. Accept the inevitable – Unplanned problems will arise when building your new home. Which is why staying calm and working with the team to address these problems is very important. Working together and not criticizing each other will keep the project on track.
  7. Enjoy your new home – This is the most important step. You spent hours of your time and a few dollars to create your dream home, why not enjoy it? Start creating new memories with your loved ones.