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Summer Maintenance Tips


Summer is in full swing! While we enjoy the many summer staples, it’s important to remember to give your home a little boost. Here are some great Summer Maintenance tips to keep your home looking and feeling it’s best:

  • Paint and caulk all exterior wood surfaces every 2 years – inspect for cracking or peeling twice a year (spring and fall). This will make wood products last their longest.
  • Exterior caulking around doors and windows should be inspected twice a year. Cracked and split caulk should be removed and recaulked with latex/silicone based caulking.
  • Roof sealant around flashing and vents should be checked yearly and resealed as necessary to help prevent a roof leak.
  • Treat pressure treated decks and steps every 2 years.
  • Clean and lubricate windows and sliding glass doors for smoother sliding. Garage door rollers and tracks should be lubricated as necessary to allow for easy operation.
  • Locate gravity drains for any obstructions (i.e. walkouts/welled exits/condensate drains).
  • Check and replace exterior door weather stripping as required.

Maintenance keeps your home in great shape and pays dividends in the long run. Have a great summer!