Home energy efficiency rating meter

HERS index and home efficiency, why it matters


HERS ratings explainedWho wants to save money on energy costs while also helping the environment? We do! A healthy home is an energy efficient home. Drafty doors and windows and poorly insulated rooms do not only lead to energy loss, but also to illness due to a damp environment. For these reasons we focus on creating homes that are as healthy and energy efficient as possible.

In order to accomplish this goal, we prioritize the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) scorecard. The HERS scorecard is a customized score that a home receives based upon the energy efficiency of the home. The lower a house scores on the HERS Index, the more money you can expect to save in energy costs. A resale home with a typical age of 20+ years averages a score of 130 on the HERS scorecard. Our competitors reflect a score around 100.

At Design Homes we’ve designed our homes to be as energy efficient as possible while minimizing both energy costs and carbon emissions. Through the use of upgraded insulation, insulated windows, a High Efficiency HVAC system, and energy efficient appliances, we are proud to have earned an average HERS score of only 49!

Come see the difference in quality and efficiency Design Homes can provide!