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Selections Made Easy at Design Homes


Selections can be a lot to take in, but at Design Homes, the selections process is super easy.

Design Homes design center for your custom home selections.

Building a custom home can be incredibly exciting for somebody, especially if it’s the first home you’ve ever gone and built custom. You have the chance to create a custom home that suites your dreams, a home that you’ve envisioned having for years prior to this moment. With this sense of excitement, comes the sense of feeling overwhelmed from the number of selections that need to be made. With that, you might find yourself asking – Where do I start? What do I choose that will still be satisfying 5 years from now? What type of siding is that? What kind of flooring did you recommend? It can all seem to get very overwhelming, but we can help. Here at Design Homes, we have an in-house design center, with professional interior designers that will help you select a dining room floor that complements the Great Room carpet, and colors that do not resemble a Barbie Dreamhouse (unless that is the goal, which we can also help with).

Choosing your selections with Design Homes is super easy. In our design center, you will be able to see multiple samples of our standard selections. We have a tile samples, carpet samples, and even hardwood flooring samples. You can mix and match these with paint swatches, cabinet samples, or even different pieces of door hardware. It’s an awesome, hands-on way to put together a home you have created in your mind or on your Pinterest board.

Design Homes design center for your custom home selections.

The best part about our Design Center is the ability to not only make interior selections, but to make your exterior selections. Anything from the type of brick you want, your front elevation to be, to the door hardware you want for the front door, our standard selections are there to sample, and to mix and match with other samples to get the look you’ve always envisioned.

Design Homes design center for your custom home selections.

We want the selections process to be fun, as it should be. It’s your home, and you should enjoy the entire process that is associated with building your dream.