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What Your Walls Want – Gray


Painting Your Walls Gray – A Classic Color

Gray has been on the horizon for awhile now. You may have tried to avoid it, may have been scared of it or maybe didn’t want to go with the masses down that trendy path. However, the trend phase is over and gray is here for good. I get more requests for gray paint color suggestions than anything else.
A classic color with a limitless range in tone and subtle color, it’s a basic building block for anything you can or want to do in your home- that said, it is easy to start on the wrong foot. We’ve all seen that wall in concrete-like, lifeless gray that just feels sad. You need the right gray. Here are my tried and true, my nearest and dearest, to help you get it right from the start and not three unused gallons later. Trust me on this- your walls will thank you!

No. 1-  Sherwin Williams “Modern Gray” 7632

Custom modern gray wall paint by Sherwin Williams, for your walls.

My favorite, hands down. Barely gray, on the warm side, this gray feels clean and weightless, feather-light. With the softest contrast to white trim (try Sherwin Williams “White Heron” 7627) and the strongest contrast to bold accents (try Sherwin Williams “Porpoise” 7047 on interior doors), it does it all effortlessly. You literally cannot go wrong with this color, ever. 


#2- Sherwin Williams “Fawn Brindle” 7640

Custom fawn brindle wall paint by Sherwin Williams, for your walls.

Don’t let the hint of green scare you. It makes this gray works beautifully with cobalt, teal and red accents. Dark enough to create some drama, up the richness with a semi-gloss or hi-gloss finish. Above a white chair rail or board and batten, it’s especially crisp, modern and not overbearing. 

#3- Sherwin Williams “Classic French Gray” 

Custom gray paint by Sherwin Williams, for your walls.

Bold. Fresh. Lends itself well to interior trim application, from wainscoting to interior doors. This darker cool gray can stand alone on a wall- no need for tons of accessories or artwork to ground it. Works best in large swatches, say on the wall behind a headboard. Consider ochre yellow as an accent- there’s a visual vibration between them that is refreshing and inherently spring-like. 

If none of the above really speak to you, here some other likeable grays to consider. Get your gray on!

Colonnade Gray SW7641

Mindful Gray SW7016

Repose Gray SW7017

Intellectual Gray SW7045

Worldly Gray SW7043

-Laura Sweney, Interior Designer