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Home Building with Your Pet in Mind


Building a home takes a lot of thought and discussion, but have you ever thought about including your pet in this process?

When building a custom home, most won’t think about the furry family member. For some, their furry member is just another part of the family, and their space is just as important as your own personal space. Today, many seeking to build a custom home are including their pets in the building process, to ensure they have the needed space to also live comfortably. Not only will your pet be happy once you’re all settled in your new home, but you’ll feel happier knowing you have space to store all the necessities needed for your pet.

Pet center by Morning Star Builders LTD Home Builders.


Your personal space is important. You know exactly what you want to ensure you have a place to enjoy some downtime. Just like you need a quiet, relaxing place, your pet also needs a spot for some personal space. This space needs to have space for their bed, a spot where their food can be stored, and a location where their toys and leashes can go.

Pet bed by COOK ARCHITECTURAL Design Studio Architects & Building Designers


But have you ever thought about a small shower or tub where you can wash your pet in? What about a designated eating space for your pet? Home builders get very creative, with their decisions on home building, while others keep it as simple as possible. Some like to incorporate spaces for pets under staircases or in cabinets, while others will simply create a space in the Mudroom.

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For a custom built home, that offers complete comfort for both you and your pets, contact Design Homes & Development today. We’re certain we can help make you, and your pet’s dreams, a reality.