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Design Homes Building Process


Building your custom home – Design Homes Building Process

Building your custom, dream home should be fun, and with Design Homes it can be. We help guide you through every single stage of the building process so there are no surprises at the end. We treat every custom home as if it were our own home, and we want you to be involved at all stages of the home building process.


Custom Design Homes building process. Design and Discovery.Design, Discovery, & Implementation

Our sales representative works with you to establish what it is you have envisioned for your dream home & how we can make it work within your budget. Our design team will work with you to bring your vision to life. If there is any uncertainty, our sales staff will work closely with you to ensure you’re completely comfortable moving on to a signed contract.

Custom Design Homes building process. Pre-construction meeting.Pre-Construction Meeting

Before we begin to build your custom, dream home, our project supervisor and design homes team will sit down with you to review your plans and the specifications of your home. This meeting occurs in our office and will last approximately 2 hours or more. We want to ensure that we have the same expectations and ideals for your custom home that you do, to guarantee the building process goes as smoothly as possible.

Custom Design Homes building process. Selections meeting.Selections meetings

Once plans have been approved, it’s time to make the selections for your custom home. For some this is the most exciting part of the building process. For others, this could be the most challenging. Either way, our in-house, professional designer, will help guide you through the selections process with ease. Our designer will walk you through the different phases of the selections process to ensure your selections are being made in conjunction with the build of your custom home.


Custom Design Homes building process. Electrical meeting.On-site electrical meeting with Project Manager and Concrete Foreman

During this phase, you will finally be able to take your first step into your new home, and see, firsthand, the progress that is being made. At the electrical walk-thru you will review the electrical layout of your home to ensure all aspects such as lighting environments, telephone & cable outlets are in your desired locations. In addition, you will also go over concrete. You will see what we will be pouring, check your plot plan, and look at the concrete layout.


Custom Design Homes building process. Closing Date.Receive a closing date from your Project Manager

At this point, your home is well on its way to completion. Your project manager will provide you with a date they feel is acceptable for the completion of your home. This date is typically given after the interior trim of your home has been installed.


Custom Design Homes building process. Landscaping.Landscaping meeting on site with landscaper

To ensure your home is completed in the time given, you will meet with the landscaper shortly after a closing date has been given. At this meeting you will discuss the landscaping of your home, within your allotted budget.


Custom Design Homes building process. Pre-walk thru.Pre-walk thru of nearly finished home (approximately 2 hours)

During this walk-thru, we will review the warranties with you, demonstrate the different features of your new home, and explain what you might expect in your first year. During this meeting we will also identify any unfinished item(s) and address any drywall/caulking concerns.


Custom Design Homes building process.Final walk-thru/closing – Your home will be complete (approximately 45 minutes)

Your home is now complete and ready to move into! By this phase, any finishing touches are added, and the home is cleaned. You will also be meeting your project manager to review any items from previous walk-thru. When complete, you will receive the keys to your new home!