snowy road and neighborhood

Your To-Do List for January


Protect your home from harsh winter weather and get a jump-start on big projects

Queue the winter doldrums, January has officially arrived. With that comes the long, cold winter nights. However, January doesn’t have to be as dull and gloomy as one sets it out to be. January can be a time to clear your home, protect your home, and enjoy your home. Below are 10 to-dos to get ahead of the winter weather.

1.) Protect pipes from freezing – January can be super cold, so it is important to ensure your pipes do not freeze, which can lead to them bursting. Be sure to insulate any exposed outdoor pipes or turn your water to a trickle if you’re expected to be away for a little while.

2.) Take steps to prevent ice dams – Ice dams are areas of built-up ice that can accumulate around your roof line. This can lead to leaks when the backed-up snow begins to melt. To help prevent ice dams, make sure to remove snow after each storm.

3.) Knock heavy snow from tree branches – Heavy coatings of snow can cause tree limbs to break — which can be especially dangerous if a large limb is positioned near your home.

4.) Check smoke & carbon monoxide detectors – . With more heater use and wood fires in the fireplace, it is especially important during winter to make sure those smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working. Use the test button on each device and change batteries as needed.

5.) Clean out the kitchen and pantry – Remove everything from the pantry and toss out stale and expired foods. Clean out the fridge and freezer, and clear off countertops. Let the refreshed space motivate you to stick with health resolutions for the new year!

6.) Clear home & wardrobe clutter – Make a fresh start with the new year, and clear out the clutter.

7.) Refresh play spaces – Entice little ones stuck indoors to “creative play” and hopefully cut down on cries of “I’m bored!” Try adding a chalkboard or whiteboard wall, a play tent or tepee, an area for messy art, a “stage” for acting, or a tumbling mat.

8.) Plan big home projects for the year ahead – Thinking of remodeling the kitchen or bath, painting the exterior, or adding on? January is the perfect month to bunker down and start thinking!

9.) Give in to the urge to hibernate – In January, it’s natural to want to spend extra time at home, just relaxing. Make yourself a cozy haven for snuggling up to watch a movie or read a book.

10.) Take down holiday decorations and store them well – When you’re ready to put away the holiday decorations, take the time to do it with care. Not ready to put the white twinkle lights away? Leave them up!


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