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Uponor’s PEX-a Plumbing Systems


Here at Design Homes, we want to make sure we offer the best products and systems we can. We do this to ensure the house you are building is not only a replica of what you have always envisioned, but a quality home that will withstand the test of time. One product that stands out is the Uponor Plumbing System. With the Uponor plumbing system,  you will have crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) piping instead of Copper of CPVC piping. With PEX, your risk of having dangerous lead and other metals in your plumbing system disappears completely. In addition, the piping resisits corrosion and can expand up to three times it’s diameter helping resist damage from frozen water in your system.

But why is Uponor PEX tubing better than Copper and CPVC?

  • Flexible for fewer fittings, reducing the leak-point liability
  • Resists corrosion
  • Retains more heat in hot-water lines
  • Expands up to 3X its diameter to help resist freeze damage
  • Connections do not require the use of dangerous chemical or solvents
  • Offers a complete lead-free system from inlet to faucet