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Maintaining and Repairing a Wood Deck


Keep your wood deck looking as good as new with a little regular care.

It’s officially summer out there, and boy does it feel like it! I know when summer rolls around, I enjoy sitting outside, grilling up dinner, and relaxing in my comfy lawn chair, soaking in the warm, summer air. However, there are some things that can really put a damper on this picturesque seen such as a damaged, wood deck. If you have one, you know that wood decks require regular maintenance in order to prevent anything from getting in the way of your relaxing time outside. We’ve gathered some great tips and a helpful checklist to keep your deck looking good.

Keep it clean and dry – Always scrub away stuck-on debris, such as dead leaves, spills, and mud. A mixture of warm water and wood-safe oxygen bleach will definitely do the trick. Scrub with this mixture and rinse clean, and you wood deck will be clean in no time. It’s recommended that your deck be scrubbed at the start of every season, and  spot clean when necessary throughout the season.

Rejuvenate natural wood – Overtime natural woods can start to feel rough and begin to turn a slight gray. Sanding your natural wood deck will help remove it’s weathered layer and your deck will restore back to its original color.

Protect and Seal – Applying a penetrating sealer annually will help protect your deck for the next 12 months. This should be done after a thorough cleaning and sanded (if desired).

Replace old nails and screws – Wood decking swells and moves with humidity and temperature fluctuations. As a result, nails can become loose. Instead of hammering them back in, pull the old nails out and replace them with new.

Swap out warped and rotted planks – Wood can warp all the time, which can cause some problems when hosting a family or friend event. Replacing the entire plank is usually the best choice. However, if it’s a small section, you should be fine just by installing a replacement section.

For more tips, or the complete article, visit Zillow! You and your family are well on your way to perfect deck, nearly all year long!

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