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Broken-plan or Open-plan – Custom Floorplans


Broken-plan or Open-plan, which is the best for your family?


I’m sure most readers have heard of open floor plans, but have you heard of the broken-plan? We get it, open floor plans are one of the latest trends in any new, custom home being built, or even remodeled. We agree, removing walls create a sense of space and provide light for even the smallest of corners in a room. On the other hand, open floor plans reduce privacy and quiet spots to get some down time for the loved ones you share your home with. So how do you compromise, or what’s the purpose of this blog post? We’re here to introduce you to the broken-plan. With this plan, you are able to keep what you love about your open-plan, but also provide each of your rooms with an element of privacy by using half walls, shelving, internal windows, and many other creative ideas you might come up with. You are able to customize your rooms, and still provide that room with a specific purpose.

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Custom broken plan of The Benjamin, a Design Homes spec home.