home exterior with lighting at night

Lighting for your Custom Home


Choosing the lighting for your custom home, or remodel, should be fun! It’s important to consider all the details before making the final selections for your home.

Custom lighting at Design Homes and Development.

Whether you’re building a custom home, from the ground up, or remodeling your current home, there are many fine details that need to be considered when building or remodeling. One of the greatest considerations is the lighting, for lighting can make a big impact on the way your guests or family members perceive the house. This consists of the light fixtures in your kitchen when you’re cooking, to the light fixtures on your back patio, when you’re hosting the block party. Lighting is an important aspect to any home, and whether they’re bold and make a statement or hidden from view to showcase a specific detail of your custom home, they’re equally important.

For most, light fixtures are chosen based on what specific mood you’re aiming for. This is when it becomes important to think about the use of the room you’re choosing light fixtures for. For example, the kitchen, dining room, office, media room, bedroom, bathroom, and outdoor areas all have vastly different lighting needs. However, fixture styles and finishes can ensure visual continuity as desired.

Custom lighting at Design Homes and Development.

Maybe you’re going for practicality and control. In this case use lighting wisely for security purposes and energy savings – automatic sensors, timers, dimmers, and appropriate task lighting all play a role in making the home function efficiently.

Or maybe the sole goal is for a stylish, trendy home. Whether you like modern, traditional, or ornate, light fixtures should complement the home’s décor. Wall or ceiling mounted fixtures provide a welcoming feel and create nice ambient light; recessed lighting works well for unobtrusive task, general or accent lighting; and lamps are ideal for task lighting and accentuating certain area.

Custom lighting at Design Homes and Development.

In the end, choosing the light fixtures for your home should be fun! When choosing to build with Design Homes, we provide you with a large variety of different fixture options from companies like UttermostRestoration Hardware, and Capital Lighting. We know we can help you and your family’s lighting needs for your custom home or remodel!