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4 Signs It’s Time to Re-Caulk in Your Home


Like spring cleaning, the fall and cooler temperatures bring on projects of their own. One necessary but forgotten task is replacing the caulk on your windows, doors, sinks, tubs, etc. The autumn season is the perfect time to do this.

Here are 4 signs that tell you it’s time to give your home a little TLC:
  1. Mold; the 4-letter word that fills you with terror. No one likes to discover mold in any place of their home, let alone in the bathtub. This is a common problem that sneaks up so quickly. If you spy mold in the caulk along the tub or sink. It’s time to strip it and replace it.
  2. Shrinkage. This is harder to recognize, especially if you have never caulked before. Shrinkage happens over time as the caulk ages and becomes dried out. It contracts and begins to pull off the window or tub causing a higher risk of damages to occur.
  3. Air leaks. If you can feel a tiny stream of air flowing in from the windows or doors, that’s a sign that the caulk is not doing what it’s made to do. Caulk prevents airflow from outside and ensures adequate air quality.
  4. Peeling. This might be the most obvious sign. The little rubbery substance begins to peel up and the temptation to pick and pull at it eats away at you. Go ahead and take an afternoon to peel it up. But then replace it with fresh caulk so that you aren’t at risk for damages in the long run.

4 signs it's time to caulk article.

The task of re-caulking may be daunting, but it helps your home in the long run. Here are a few tips to help you succeed:

  • Do some research to find what type of caulk you need for your project. Window caulk is different from bathtub and exterior caulk.
  • Pick a dry, cool day. Dry, cool temperatures keep from moisture getting trapped.
  • Prepare your surface properly. Scrape off all the old caulk and thoroughly clean the surface.

Happy caulking!