Testimonial from Steve, Cindy and Emma Kerns

Our search for a home builder started with a goal of a ranch style home, pool, and location south of Dayton, preferably Warren County.  With the housing market just starting to bounce back at that time, our options were somewhat limited.  Living in the area, we had passed Soraya Farms many times, but had never driven into the development.  We loved the architectural design.  The floor plans offered something different from the plans offered by most builders in the area.  After visiting the model and meeting the first great person from Design Homes (Sandy), we loved what Design Homes was doing.  We started doing a little research. It was clear that Design Homes is committed to the South Dayton area, providing good quality homes at reasonable prices.  Construction materials, moldings, cabinetry, and fixtures of high quality—which would have been considered upgrades with other builders—are standard in Design Homes.

Next, we needed to sell our home before we could begin the building process.  This is where the single biggest difference between Design Homes and any other builder in the area came into play.  Design provided a place to live, rent free, while the house was being built.  Soraya Farms, beautiful lot, Sabrina house plan, and rent free—sold.  That is where we met the next great person from Design, Angela!  Her assistance in getting our home sold and a contract written on our Design home made the process much easier for us.  Angela was there for us every step of the way, and is still there for us today.  We are her people!

Next, we met Shery Oakes, who is a very down-to-earth and gracious business person.  She was always willing to answer any questions, or just spend a few minutes to chat with us. Everyone we worked with during the building process—from Design Homes personnel to subcontractors to representatives from the various suppliers—were very complimentary of Shery and the way she runs her business. We have great respect for what she has done with Design Homes.

As the process got started, we got to work with a great group of people; Alan, Scott, Laura, Wayne, Gail, and Robbie.  All of them were always accessible and answered and responded to our questions, concerns, and stresses in a professional and positive manner.  Laura, who we spent the most time with once construction started, was one of the sweetest and most knowledgeable people we had ever worked with.  Her guidance and understanding of who we were, likes and dislikes, resulted in a house that is perfect for us.  A big thank you to everyone at Design Homes who made the process bearable and who continues to be there for us during the transition into our wonderful new house.