Testimonial from Larry and Barbara Edwards

What prompted you to build with Design Homes?

  • It’s a sound company with a good reputation and financial strength
  • It had a development that fit our personal needs (Soraya Farms)
  • Higher quality standards leading to the necessity of fewer upgrades
  • Free rent while building

Describe why you feel that working with Design Homes was successful

  • Team members were responsive, listened, forth-coming and timely with all information requested
    Team members had thorough knowledge of products and building process
  • Change orders were clear & precise
  • Builders Trend utilization as a communication tool
  • We knew exactly what the contracted product was to be – no surprises
  • The final product not only met but exceeded expectations.  The final product had few things to fix.
  • Working with an in-house designer had definite advantages: responsiveness, cost consciousness, most selections done in one place
  • Models to walk through to see and feel quality of final products

If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with Design Homes or not, what would you say to them

Design Homes provided the complete process from selling our existing home, to providing a place to stay while our new home was being built, to providing a loaner truck, to completing our new home on time and on budget.  Having the complete “soup-to-nuts” process allowed a building experience that was comfortable and less stressful.

Design Homes has high standards and expects the same of their employees and subcontractors.  Regardless of the price of the home being built, the Design Home staff are respectful, make the client feel important, and are a pleasure to work with.