Testimonial from Delores & Bob Lennartz

I can sum up our experience in 1 word.  “Organization”.  We are very organized and detailed people.  We recognized from the beginning that Angela and Design Homes were exactly that.  Very Organized and efficient.  Every detail was explained to us from the beginning of the purchase to the closing.  Then everything did work out exactly as she explained in the beginning.  Also, at the closing, we were presented with this 3” thick book including information about all the materials used in the construction and phone # and address of all the companies that participated in the construction.  We had 2 minor issues.  1 faucet in the bathroom ran slow.  Also we couldn’t figure out how to get the outside electric outlets to work.  We could refer to their book. Called the 2 companies and they both responded immediately to take care of the problems.  Everything else in our new home seems to be perfect.


We sold a beautiful 4,000 sq ft home in Vandalia with a big yard and moved South to be near our Children.  We love our new home with our new carefree lifestyle. We now have much more time for romance.  If we have more children, we plan to send them to the 5 Points school nearby.