Testimonial from Bidlack Family

When I was looking to make my move to Centerville I was trying to balance a full time busy job, dealing with the trials and tribulations of selling my Baltimore home while trying to coordinate a move/find a home from a far.  I found my home on-line through the Design Homes website and upon one look I knew it was “the one”.  The entire Design Homes team made it so easy.  I submitted the contract before even seeing the home in person as it was still in the building stages.  After I made the offer I made a trip to visit my home for a “walk through”.  I was so impressed with the home overall, but most importantly all of the intricate details that were implemented.  From the time I displayed interested in the home and through today the Design Homes team has been professional, kind and welcoming.  I knew from the moment I saw my home on-line that it was my forever home and I couldn’t be happier!

-Deborah Bidlack